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About us


Founded in 1974, the company specialized from the start in laminated countertops. While expanding its production capacity and improving its methods, it also established a distribution network. Distributors in Canada and the United States can now benefit from Prestolam’s contribution by setting up their own cutting shops and establishing a mutually profitable relationship, with Prestolam acting as exclusive supplier.

With the addition of a second factory designed for the production of HPL cabinet doors and furniture components, Prestolam became the only company to specialize in perfect joints for its own line of products. In the years that have followed, the company’s role as a leader in the industry has become widely acknowledged, thanks to its line of innovative post formed countertops, laminated components, kitchen cabinet doors and more. With the acquisition of Saxon Manufacturing in March 2000, Prestolam has become one of the most important suppliers to the north-east region of the United States.


As a North American leader in the manufacture of post formed countertops, kitchen cabinet doors and furniture components, Prestolam would like to share its success with his business partners. This is why we at Prestolam wish to thank you, our clients and suppliers, for your loyalty and constant support which have contributed to our 35 years of success.

Prestolam is constantly improving its post formed countertops, kitchen cabinet doors and laminated components production methods. This determination to reach top performance has insured our growth for the past 35 years through sound management and consistent quality output from our employees. The technological improvements are part of our daily concerns. This insures that our manufacturing facilities are state-of-the-art and leader of our industry.

We’re successful because we help our resellers expand their array of services while maintaining high customer satisfaction. We provide strength, experience, and access to cutting edge technology, ingredients that make great cabinet makers even better.

Quality, Ingenuity, Partnership

Ever since its founding, Prestolam has always aimed for the highest quality standards. In 1988, it received a Certificate of Excellence from the “Bureau de normalisation du Québec”. In 1995, Prestolam became the first postformer to offer an order-production cycle of 24 hours. In 2001, the Netcom order system was introduced by our IT team, which made Prestolam the first to manage computer generated orders through the Internet. In 2002, Prestolam wins an Excellence award for its initiative in the export field.

Innovate, Create And Diversify

In order to better meet increasing customer demands as well as new market trends, Prestolam has launched a line of HPL doors, furniture components and other products related to the kitchen and bath industry. Its Research and Development program, combined with the will to improve and diversify, is turning out distinctive products which have established the company’s reputation.