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Ingenuity can be found in all types of shapes and solutions

Dark beauties

Two new colors in the Velour Touch collection

Matte black and navy blue combined with the Velour Touch finish for colors so deep and rich, you’ll be floored. Available with models 7035, 7051, 7057* and 7087*.
*To be sold in Canada exclusively

A new satin black that’s all texture

The full potential of EIR synchronized texture is stunningly apparent with this new satin black. See how the light plays off the finest details of your project with the Riviera Oak finish.
Available with models 7200, 7210, 7212 and 7224.

Velour Touch colors are also available in ML4716, ML4869, and ML4871 moldings, for perfect harmony throughout your project. All edge banding is finished using PUR technology.